An alternative: A socially responsible delivery service for food and retail businesses

Piikup has been in operation for three years. Our founder started with a simple idea to help both small businesses and provide a safe, inclusive learning environment workplace for people to show up as their “best authentic self.”

Our Operations

  1. We provide four types of delivery support for food and retail businesses.
  2. We provide workforce development training to people who face barriers to employment.

What is socially responsible? Some people hear the word “social” and think “free” or “handouts.” To us, socially responsible is part of a movement to use business as a tool to do good in the world – to improve rather than extract.

We knew what we wanted to do but struggled for a while on how to talk about “What makes us socially responsible?”

To start, we wanted to acknowledge and call out that not everyone is driving “equally.” We believe that everyone should operate a safe vehicle but if you are part of the growing “working poor” in the U.S. this may be more difficult.

Our solution is to create a fund to offset the cost of basic repair and maintenance services for people.

  • Bald tires
  • Worn windshield wipers
  • Routine oil changes
  • Broken tail lights, fuses, and/or signal lights

Next, we work to build total wellness practices into the culture of our operations:

Lastly, we are more than delivery – we recognize that real empowerment comes with knowledge.

“Socially responsible” may be trending as more organizations operate more conscientiously and with purpose with their stakeholders, but Piikup was founded with the intention of inclusivity and authenticity. These tenets are part of the fabric of the organization, and while we grow, we do so giving opportunities to the people who need them.


  • Yogov, a company that helps make government services more accessible to people in need, ranging from Setting up DMV appointments, pairing you up with a Driver and/or car to help you ace your road test, helping you with passport renewal, to having your own DMV line concierge so you won’t have to spend all day waiting in line to get your driver’s license.
  • The Center of Workplace Mental Health, takes action in sharing resources, tools, and information to inspire workplaces to adopt a more promotive and supportive environment for their employees ensuring that employers improve workforce mental health.