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Grocery Delivery

Our services are perfect for independently owned markers, community specialty, and cooperative markets across California.

Some of our Grocery Delivery customers include:

  • mandela grocery

See What Mandela Grocery Has to Say About Our Grocery Delivery Service

Unlike conventional supermarkets and grocery stores, Mandela is operated, centrally governed, and democratically controlled by worker-owners. Its structure and operations are guided by cooperative principles and a strong community-centered mission.

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Whether your business is online only or you have a physical location. Our local delivery options exceed customer expectations to arrive on-time, in tact and with customer service at the forefront of each interaction with your customer.

Some of our E-Commerce customers include:

  • flax art & design
  • Mf’n vegan

Flax Art’s Experience with Piikup as their Local Delivery Partner

We are proud to deliver Flax customers’ orders to their doorsteps.

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Wholesale Delivery

Our Wholesale delivery is our flagship service. We help food and beverage and retailers get their products to market. Our team are reliable to support your route with ease.


Some of our Wholesale Delivery customers include:

Bread SRSLY + Piikup: A Match Made in Heaven

“We learned about Piikup on Provender. We were needing to fill a gap in our driver team quickly. After contacting them, they were responsive and right away let us know that they wanted to be more than a delivery service but a delivery partner.”

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From the client:

“Setting up service was smooth and transparent in the way we discussed pricing and considerations. We had as many conversations as needed until all of our questions were answered. Piikup handles a majority of our Northern California wholesale markets.

Thousands of experiments, flops, discoveries, and celebrations went into the making of Bread SRSLY. Our company is the collective creation of people who care deeply about their work and the joy it adds to the world. We are caretakers of a unique workplace culture that, like our sourdough starter, grows and evolves and nourishes.

Three years later, we haven’t had any regret and continue to feel real value and alignment in Piikup’s mission and focus to strengthen communities by both supporting business and empowering people that face barriers to employment.”

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