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Our workshops and programs are designed for job seekers and for people who work in high stress roles and with the general public

We help people who face shifting barriers to employment acquire the relevant job readiness skills necessary to plug into any employment sector.

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We help people who face barriers to employment acquire the relevant skills necessary to plug into any employment sector.

In 2018 Piikup launched its workforce development to not only train and develop but to help marginalized groups heal from bad employment experiences rooted in colonizer ideologies and systems that were designed to oppress those most disenfranchised.

Piikup’s workshops have been selected as a must-have for non-profits, County programs, and job seekers. Our programs our open year round.

What We Offer

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Sponsored Workshops

When businesses and non-profits work together, we have the best opportunities to help transform our communities towards a more just and equitable world.

Partner Organizations

The Unity Council
David Glover Tech Center
Lao Family Community Development Inc.


Alameda County Juvenile Correction – Camp Sweeney
Talent Development Academy
Medical Assistant Program

Training Focus

Soft Skills

Custom workshops desinged to meet your program objectives and engage participants

Hard Skills

Software and applications needed to gain and retain employment

For Partners & Employers

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For Job Seekers

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