Our Story

Piikup was just an idea whispered by founder April Fenall who describes herself as a person who “checks all the boxes”. Explaining, “there is something that happens to a person as they check each box asking about their past and identity on an employment application” she felt like if she were honest it was inviting judgement and discrimination.

Not fully expecting to act on the idea she recalls telling her mom. The reaction was common in her experience, ” how are you going to start a business with no money” question always came up. She told her son, a kid at the time and he said, “mom, we’re gonna be rich”.

Fast forward, he was right. Piikup is rich with a purpose to uplift people. People that are survivors of abuse, Black people, Queer people, justice impacted people, and people with disabilities young and old.

Piikup is a first chance, second chance employer reimaging a world for people like April, who check a lot of the boxes.

Video Overview | Our Values

Piikup is more than delivery – we are the only socially responsible delivery service with a business model designed to educate and elevate the workforce.

We are a community of dreamers that – late bloomers who are destined to change their narratives and by doing so their families and communities.

We are here to encourage, inspire and lead through our work and experiences we create. We are unapologetic in our beliefs and values of supporting people who need a first change and often a second chance in life to do better.

Our Values


We are eternal learners who believe the more we know the better the quality of our lives. Knowledge is meant to be shared.


We will not always agree, but we will always communicate


Is the honesty you bring to your relationships and trust you build with the people you work with. Say what you mean and do what you say.


We value diversity of age, ethnicity,
gender, religion, ability, experience, class, size, and moreā€”and find ways to drive this through every fiber of our work.

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